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Pastis- 45% alcohol- anise flavoured spirit, a quintessential south of France summer day drink.

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Strait Lightning  

During Prohibition, White Lightning was a common term for raw, un-aged spirit. White because all distilled spirit is clear when collected from the still. Only after ageing in oak barrels or with the addition of other agents does it develop any colour.

Fermented on site from pure cane sugar and high quality molasses and carefully double distilled in our state of the art copper still. Collected from the still at over 90% alc./vol. Blended in small batches and bottled at 75% alc./vol. using only our most pure alcohol.

Strait Lightning is our over-proof signature drink that captures the spirit of unadulterated freshly distilled alcohol. Warming and smooth with overtones of caramel.

Strait Lightning captures the unique heritage and tradition of raw Island Shine.